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Some of the best leadership advice from ‘Corona-cation’​


There’s no doubt about it, this global pandemic is changing the face of humanity and leadership forever. We are seeing it play out now in politics (both here and overseas), at a community level and in business. Today we are witnessing the best and worst of leadership on the world stage. And we are seeing a new brand of leadership emerging to meet community expectations now and beyond.
As many of you well know, I recently started a YouTube series during COVID-19 called Corona-cation, where I interviewed women from around the world so I could understand their experiences during COVID and get their best advice and perspectives for the benefit of myself and others.
The last time I wrote to you, I shared some of the best inspirational advice I’d heard during the series. This time, I’m sharing some of the best leadership advice. There is so much rich diversity in responses relating to leadership but I’ve captured the seven quotes below that seem most relevant right now:

  1. Hard calls with high stakes can lead to fatigue and burnout. Home and work is so integrated in this new environment. We are well and truly in a VUCA environment right now and there’s a different type of leadership needed with much more honesty and vulnerability. Catherine Clark, CEO Netball Queensland – Brisbane, Australia
  2. Listen to your people and what they are wanting. Our people are loud about what they want to see changed in the new world. We use a technique called ‘Stop and Prop’ – Stop and reflect on what we have learnt and what we want to take forward from this situation. Meredith Wilson, Executive with one of Australia’s largest employers – Brisbane, Australia
  3. We’re seeing that the future of work will be completely different. Consider how you can use technology to be more human and show more humanity in your leadership right now and going forward. Yvonne McWey, HR Executive in the Banking Industry – Dublin, Ireland
  4. You can use ‘Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs’ as a framework to think about what changes need to occur right now in life and in business. Ali Hill, Organisational Psychologist and CEO of Pragmatic Thinking – Gold Coast, Australia
  5. I’ve built my career off the back of 3 coffee dates a week – one in my professional network, one with a potential business partner, and one outside of my comfort zone. It’s all about connections, collaboration and helping each other right now and it’s never been more important. Tory Archbold, Founder of Torstar and Powerful Steps – Sydney Australia
  6. To make flexible and remote working really successful, if just one person is on technology, then everyone should be on technology, otherwise it’s not equal. Jo Palmer, Founder of Pointer Remote Roles – Wagga Wagga, Australia
  7. Often leaders are leading from a place of logic, but transformational change needs to be led from the heart. Sue McDonnell, Executive Coach and Psychotherapist – Sydney, Australia

These quotes are just a snapshot of some of the rich leadership wisdom captured in the Corona-cation series which you can access here. I look forward to sharing more relevant insights from the series over time. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you as to where you’re seeing inspiring leadership right now and what the challenges are that they are overcoming.
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