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Leading from the Future


Join Naomi White & Nikki Brown in September for this impactful leadership program.

I know how to create and keep business success—but more importantly, I know how to have a fantastic, fulfilling time while doing it. 

During my career as an award-winning HR executive and senior leader, I helped companies make and save millions of dollars. I drove transformational changes with long-term impacts and transitioned good teams into great ones.

But I walked away from that life a few years ago. The catalyst? Complete exhaustion and loss of mojo. I’d thrown myself completely into work at the expense of my personal life, health and happiness, letting my life tilt massively out of balance. My drive, ambition and resilience hit an all-time low and it became harder each day to stay motivated for my team in what had been an exciting dream role. Sacrificing my wellbeing eventually caught up with me. When the next cycle of business change hit, I didn’t have the energy or will to keep on going.

Burnout was an unlikely gift. It led me to build a new career as an executive coach, mentor and advisor. I teach CEOs, business leaders and global entrepreneurs to lead for growth and lead in a new way, one that supports where people are at today. One that sets up the strategic scaffolding for people and the business to thrive.

I know how to get the best out of you and your teams, and how to maximise the ROI on your largest asset—your workforce.  It’s well known that organisations scoring in the top 25% on employee engagement report nearly three times the return on assets compared to companies in the bottom quartile. I can show you that it’s possible to have a strong focus on fun, joy, wellness AND deliver better business results than you ever had before.

I support and empower you to be at your leadership best, teaching you the tips, hacks and skills to get you and your business feeling great and growing again. My philosophy is that change starts on the inside and radiates outward.  It’s time to change the way you show up and lead your business. It’s time to find your WHY again and reignite your purpose and personal mission, because if you want massive change, it starts with you.

Work with me in 4 ways:

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