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Get out of your own way and claim your power

Unleashing the tools for female leaders to accelerate business and personal success.

Tory Archbold and Naomi White join forces to deliver this empowering series on leadership in Brisbane, on 20/21st May & October 2024.

Naomi and Tory each have their own unique skill set. 

Naomi is a leadership high performance coach and former corporate executive, who aligns leaders, their teams, and their businesses with their purpose, power and potential. 

Tory is a heart-led, purpose-driven PR powerhouse with an entrepreneurial mindset who has built a global community of female leaders who believe in a mutual exchange of energy to create and deliver impact.

Together they make a phenomenal team delivering high-impact knowledge and unique advantages to women who wish to authentically rise.

What they’ve learned over the years is that quite often the biggest challenge or hurdle women face when elevating their career or business – is themselves!

It’s time to get out of your own way… to experience confidence, empowerment, and a renewed sense of self, ready to embrace new opportunities. Without the burnout. 

Level One Workshop Outline: The Foundations For Our Success

Monday 20th May & Tuesday 21st May | 9-4pm
Venue: Cailile Hotel, James Street, Fortitude Valley

With Special Guest Speaker

Day 1: The Foundations For Your Success

Introduction and Welcome

  • Warm up and connection
  • Agenda for the workshop


Day 1 is about the mindset and beliefs to become a leader, clearing roadblocks and gaining clarity


Introducing the facilitators

  • How to get out of your own way and stop holding yourself back
  • Naomi and Tory to share the power of their story


Leading through Authenticity – Identifying my values

  • The power of identifying my top 3 values for life and business
  • Understanding the power of anchoring all words, behaviours and actions back to our values




Being Purpose Led – Articulating my purpose

  • Identifying my unique raison d’etre
  • Elevator pitch creation for my purpose statement




Leading with my Story – Communicating my Story – 5 Point story framework

  • Identifying the points of our story and capturing them into a 5 point framework
  • Telling my story


Leading myself out of self-sabotage – What’s holding me back and how do I overcome it

  • Identifying the self-limiting thoughts that serve as barriers to our success
  • Developing a plan to move beyond them

DAY 2 - Implementation Day - Getting You Off & Running

Introduction and welcome

Day 2 is about action and the practical steps to making it happen


Leading your Finances – Financial Empowerment workshop

  • Financial position – where to from here
  • What’s your exit plan
  • Financial legacy




Let’s make it happen – turning your dream into a reality

  • Content creation workshop




Let’s make it happen – turning your dream into a reality (cont.)

  • LinkedIn amplification
  • Understanding our Google profile
  • Working with Brand SEO to stand out


You know that saying from Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Well, this is an opportunity to elevate the people in your inner circle or your personal power zone. The women attending these workshops are smart, experienced, authentic and successful.

The best type of women to surround yourself with!

Sneak Peak

Level Two Sneak Peek: Levelling Up and Leading in our Field

Date: 17 and 18 October 2024

Venue: Brisbane

Day 1: Leading your Success to the next level - How To Stay Focussed, Disrupt, and rewrite the rules

Topic: Staying in our lane

  • Identifying what holds us back
  • Interrupting our patterns
  • Facing our fears and moving beyond them


Topic: Being a Leader in our Field

  • Owning our strengths and our unique value proposition
  • Building the mindset and beliefs for success
  • Disrupting the playing field and owning our market

Day 2: Implementation - Leading with your Profile and Building Connections for Success

Topic: Media Masterclass

  • Amplifying the power of your story
  • Perfecting our pitch and leveraging the media
  • Using the power of partnerships to grow our profile and brand


Topic: Let’s Make It Happen

  • Activating the power of connection and collaboration – we are one step away from success
  • Live pitching to media outlets and podcasts
  • Leveraging the power of AI to create compelling content to build our personal brand

Workshops are anticipated to sell out quickly.

About Naomi 

Naomi White is an executive coach, leadership expert, change agent and business activator who works with entrepreneurs, business, sport and government to help them achieve greater success and impact.

As a leading transformation expert with over 20 years of experience in consulting and coaching leaders at the highest level of the ASX Top 20 C-suite, she has built her practice in tandem with an extensive career in Financial Services. She has a proven track record in delivering business turnarounds and results, has led large high-performance teams and understands the challenges of leadership, including how to get the best out of people and how to get the best out of yourself. 

About Tory

Tory Archbold is the Founder and Director of Powerful Steps, a business that empowers leaders to find their ultimate power through a heart-led skill set, and the power of strategic storytelling and connection.

With over 24 years of experience in brand building, public relations, digital media, and events, Tory has collaborated with some of the world’s most influential celebrities, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, delivering extraordinary results for local and international brands.

Tory is also the author of Self Belief is Your Superpower, the host of the Top 1.5% Powerful Stories Podcast, and the creator of the Business Attraction Program, a proven framework that helps clients attract their ideal customers, partners, and opportunities.

Tory’s mission is to share her story of survival, resilience, and success, and to inspire others to embrace their authenticity and genuine care for others. Building a community of heart-led, motivated women who can collaborate, share experiences, and grow through the power of our collective success. Tory believes that human connection is key to creating value and impact in any industry.