Why I love working with entrepreneurs

I was at a business dinner recently and started chatting to a corporate executive who was sitting next to me. The conversation that ensued is one that I seem to be having a lot lately. This executive had just been passed over for promotion with very minimal feedback, and was questioning their career. I asked […]

Virtually accelerating the future of work

With Melbourne now in another lock down and working remotely continuing for the foreseeable future, we’re all having to get more comfortable and creative with technology. At the same time that we’re feeling like we can’t do one more Zoom call, we’re being asked to embrace it even further as we grapple with how to […]

Some of the best leadership advice from ‘Corona-cation’​

There’s no doubt about it, this global pandemic is changing the face of humanity and leadership forever. We are seeing it play out now in politics (both here and overseas), at a community level and in business. Today we are witnessing the best and worst of leadership on the world stage. And we are seeing […]

Leadership for unusual times.

We’ve been disrupted. In boardrooms all over Australia, we’ve been planning for inevitable disruption for years. But nothing could have prepared us for what is unfolding now in terms of its scale, reach, human impact, and economic consequences. Instead of the expected disruptive plays, we’ve been disrupted by a microscopic piece of genetic material surrounded […]

Are you changing the world at work?

I was running an event recently and I ducked into a florist[1] to arrange some flowers for the tables. I was in a rush and hoped to be in and out in five minutes. Thirty minutes later I was still there, captivated and inspired by the backstory of the owner and why she and her […]

The Power’s in the Passion

I had just finished a speaking engagement recently when a man came up to me to ask a question. His question was: “How can I change the culture of my company when I’m not senior enough?” What he was really asking me was how do I drive change from the bottom up when I don’t […]

Driving cultural change? Focus on the little things.

I remember many years ago reading Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Tipping Point’ and being fascinated by the story about the graffiti and fare-evading on the trains in New York City in the mid ‘80s, as a tipping points for violent crime[1]. As the story goes, every night the trains would be sprayed with graffiti and fare evasion […]

Banks, it’s time for some TLC

Cultural change is as simple as ‘Trust’, ‘Leadership’, (‘Respect’), and ‘Communication’ I was fortunate to see the new movie “The Green Book” last weekend. Like all great road trip movies, it was a story about freedom and personal transformation. In one scene, the driver Tony saw a table full of colourful stones for sale. A […]

The Present of Presence

Put down your smartphone and get clear on what’s important I’m writing this from a break at the beach. One of the benefits of being self-employed is the ability to work from anywhere. What I love about being at the beach is its ability to get us out of our heads and back into our […]

Kickstart 2019

A few years ago, I wasn’t feeling healthy. I was a senior executive working long hours, on and off planes every week, carrying extra kilos and completely lacking in energy and enthusiasm. I knew something needed to change and I didn’t want to wait for a crisis before I took action. So after listening to […]